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First of all, a disclaimer. This version of MyRealEstate.com.my is completely different from the last. We just acquired this domain after it went lapsed a couple of months back. Being ardent fans of the forum, we were quite sad to see it languish into the bowels of the interwebz just like that, and so we decided to buy it and build it back up. And so, we are not related to the previous owners of this URL. If you want to get in touch with them, then contact MyNic or something. We don’t know who they are, and what they do. We are, however, thankful to them for starting this many years ago, and now it’s our time to continue the work…

The Forum Is In Beta

At this point we have got plans to relaunch the forum. If you’re back here to see if the forum is up, or if you want to (re)join it, then please click here. We are still in beta stage, and we are not open to anyone just as yet.

When it’s up and running, we will be spam-proof, idiot-proof, and most importantly, guru-proof…

Gurus Not Welcomed

The previous forum was ruined by the proliferation of gurus who came in pitching about their crappy seminars and scammy “group buys”. For guru fanboys, go to an investor club or something. We respect the gurus’ hustle, but in the end let’s call a spade a spade. Gurus are crap. If they know what they’re doing then they are making their shitloads of money already following their own advice. Why would they wanna make $997 off you when they can flip a property for two and make ten (hundred) times that, assuming that they know jack shit about properties in the first place?

Don’t make some guru rich. Go learn about this shit yourself. It ain’t hard.

Malaysia Property Scene – Ready For An Overhaul

The Malaysia property scene is one which thrives on secrecy and opaqueness. Everybody’s holding their cards close to their chest. I once interned with a property agency just to learn about the business, and everyone treated me with utmost suspicion. I went out with this agent dude, and I casually asked him a couple of questions on the business. He gave me one word answers and then turned up the volume on the radio playing some really crappy techno music. Relax lah, brother. I ain’t gonna steal your listings and your customers and your commissions.

With the innerwebz we’ll take the power back from the agents and the property portals, too. With more transparent information flow from the buyer to the seller (and between sellers), the marketplace will be more efficient, resulting in everybody winning in the long term.

Online Property Portals – Major Revamp Work Ahead

What’s your first port of call when you are interested in a piece of property? Online, online, online. For this reason, we think that the big boys now (iProperty, Property Guru) are in good stead. But with anyone who has used these sites know, while they serve their purpose (lots of listings!), there are some major work still need to be done. The interfaces are rather cluttered, and there are banners flying in from everywhere, and I get a lot of fucking “EDMs” in my mailbox which I hate. How about an opinion piece about a property that I care about for a change?

There are lots of sites with lots of listings around, but comparatively there are few to no sites with good and comprehensive information for research purposes. Sites like PropertyReviews.my and KLCC condominiums encyclopaedia are here, but those are still rather under-developed and in early stage. Propwall is a good site with a rather large database, but it has since been sold to The Star (whose property site, Star Property, incidentally has minimal presence on Google). And as we all know and familiar with what happens to startups which get acquired by big corporations… well, I want to be proved to be wrong.

We want online property sites to do well, because they empower us the consumers.

Get ready for the next revolution in Malaysia property.

And that ain’t no hype.

Join the revolution by joining the next generation of MyRealEstate.com.my. Click here, you know you want to.

Your friendly revolution comadante,

John Galt